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Genetix Gym, not just any other gym.  A family run gym opened in 2017. We aim to become one of the leading bodybuilding and fitness gym in the Midlands.

Passion for fitness drove us to create Genetix Gym. Our vision is to EMPOWER, MOTIVATE AND INSPIRE those willing to discover how to grow mentally and physically. We have created a place to make everyone welcome, from a beginner to a professional athlete, you will feel right at home.

Our team is trained to ensure you receive the best advice. With the vast experience the owner has within the fitness industry, we aim to help and support our members with information and advice.

All of our members deserve the best so you will only find the worlds best equipment at Genetix Gym. A variety of products at great value, special offers and money for value.

We provide a safe and enjoyable community for everyone who is looking to better themselves. Don't get it wrong, we created Genetix Gym to motivate and inspire people but we are also here to help you push boundaries, break rules, do the things you never thought was achievable, set goals and exceed limitations.

Over the years we have learnt that majority of gym users achieve their goals as friends, families, community and that is what Genetix Gym is all about. A place where you can unwind and get better with a group of people with the same vision.


Together we can EXCEED OUR LIMITATIONS   #NotJustAGym #GenetixFamily


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