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Nutrition is key to progress. With the getting started program you get a FREE tailored 12 weeks meal plan to help you get started with your fitness journey. Whatever your goal and schedule, there is always a way to exceed those limitations.

Appropriate nutrition coupled with a solid training program will ensure you are on the right path to achieve your goals. We have a range of branded sports nutrition supplements to compliment your training.

Working out with friends and family makes training fun and enjoyable. Come along with a friend and split the bill for a month

Cardio, short for cardiovascular exercise is any movement that gets your heart racing, blood pumping and increases circulation. Cardiovascular exercises should not be left out of a fitness plan.

Our cardio area is situated on the top floor, giving you a nice view to the outside world if you wish to. We have LCD TVs’ if you just want to relax and enjoy your cardio. We believe we are the only gym in the area that has the ultimate stair climber, included in the cardio room is stationary bikes, self-generating cross trainer, and treadmills making sure you hardly have to wait around to get your sweat on.


Here at Genetix Gym, we believe weight training should be our foundation. From losing fat, figure toning to building muscle, weight training is of vital importance and this is why we haven’t comprised on our fitness equipment. From beginners to average lifters, bodybuilders, power lifters, we have everything to cater for your fitness needs. We have dumbbells ranging from 1kg-80kg and over 4000kg of Olympic weight plates. You would love what you see so why don’t you click here to get a ONE WEEK FREE TRIAL CODE


Should you need any help, please speak to our friendly members of staff for help. We have a separate boxing room for variety of needs. Perhaps you are a coach? There is enough space for you and your students. The room is also turfed with mirrored walls so get your prowler game and tyre flipping on and watch yourself sweat.


Are you struggling to get fit? Maybe you want to start exercising and aren't sure what will be best for you? Perhaps you have been working out for years but want to get the most from your routines? Everyone needs a push every now and then to reach their full

Solomon is the owner of Genetix Gym, fully qualified and insured personal. Solomon competes as a natural athlete and has a few titles under his belt. He offers a free no obligation training session to allow you decide if you want to book your training sessions with him.

You can contact him through the web system, phone or email
Phone number: 07803544239
Email: tolumontanafitness@gmail.com

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Monday – Friday 6.30am – 9.30pm

Saturday – Sunday 8am – 5pm


One-off £5

Weekly £12

Monthly membership £30 

Direct debit or Standing order £26

Quarterly £75

6 Months £130

12 Months £225

Best Quality is Our Promiss

FAQ (Frequently Ask Questions)

You can choose from a wide variety of membership types designed to suit your lifestyle. Whether you are looking to pay monthly with no contract or to save money with a 6-12-months membership package.

Please click here to see our packages

18 years old. 16-17 years old must have a signed parental consent.

We have variety of options available to you. From personal training to gym kit (water bottle, shakers, sportswear, wrist wraps, weight lifting belt, lifting wraps, knee wraps, supplements).

Please ask a member of staff or click here to visit our shop

Congratulations on taking that step to change your lifestyle. Please click here to download a one week free pass.
Absolutely, send a link to your friend to download the free one week pass. If your friend signsup, you get one month free.

Please click here to view our trainers’ profile. Once satisfied, you can book and pay at the reception or contact trainer.

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