Are you struggling to get fit? Maybe you want to start exercising and aren't sure what will be best for you? Perhaps you have been working out for years but want to get the most from your routines? Everyone needs a push every now and then to reach their full potential.

My name is Solomon, A fully qualified worldwide personal trainer with full insurance. I am a professional bodybuilder and compete as a natural athlete. I offer a free no obligation 1-2-1 personal training session to allow you decide if you want to continue training with me. 
Like I always tell my clients before they start their journey, "Are you willing to give me 100%" If you answer is YES then I can guarantee you results whatever your goal is. I approach fitness a little different than what you might expect, I won't ask you to live on chicken breast and brocolli, neither would I ask you to go running everyday. I understand everyone is different and I approach every plan and every workout tailored to your goal. 
The ultimate goal is to help you cultivate a healthier lifestyle and maintain your dream body.

So what are your goals?

Get healthier ¬  Bodybuilding/Physique/Bikini ¬  Boost your metabolism ¬ Gain confidence ¬ Build Muscle ¬ Lose Fat

You can contact me through the web system, phone or email
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